raChi Pilates

connect – align – be

Meditation Medicine Movement with raChi Pilates ignites your deepest core connect with the very essence of who you are. Allow yourself to be free, happy and empowered. Awaken your Energetic Pranic Breath Flow. Enliven your 5 Interdependent Elemental Qualities making up your Whole. Nourish your Physical-Spiritual-Psyche Chi Force.

The Physical is a manifestation of our Higher Self Truth. Discomfort is a gentle reminder of dis-connect to our unique Pranic-Chi Force, existing between Energy and Matter. These forces provide us Movement of Energy; aligning us with our Vital Substances generating qualitative Chi, Blood, Jing Essence, Body Fluids and Shen Mind.

raChi Pilates

Signature Rachel Madonna Movement Medicine

Fully equipped Pilates studio, Brisbane

free and soften stifled tension – balance body, mind and beyond

raCHI PILATES: awaken your

  • physical quality
  • mental quality
  • spiritual quality
  • freedom
  • laughter
  • self confidence
  • balance
  • posture
  • flexibility

Rachel Madonna: offers you

  • raCHI signature pilates movement medicine
  • energetic touch
  • functionality for longevity
  • dynamic stretch
  • dance flow
  • voice
  • sound frequencies

Rachel Madonna. Registered

  • Stott Pilates® Essential, Intermediate, Advanced Matwork and Studio Equipment
  • Personal, small and large group Fitness
  • Allied Health Assistance; Physiotherapy
  • TRX® Suspension
  • Senior Fitness
  • Relieve Back and Neck Pain Stretch Therapy