Neuroenergetic Kinesiology

scientific in foundation, spiritual in essence

Brain Energy ~ Holistic Body Movement.
Let your body speak!

Soul Bodywork energy in motion, Brisbane Advanced Neuroenergetic Kinesiology balance sessions, provide modern, cutting edge holographic techniques for holistic healing and balanced health.

  • physiological (body structure and function),
  • pathological (dis-eased state),
  • psychological (mental-emotional state) and
  • spiritual (greater consciousness mind health)

Energetic, hands on medicine, at it’s best!

Some causes of imbalance include

  • childhood traumas
  • cultural conditioning
  • limited belief systems
  • epigenetic environmental/genetic stress
  • non-integration or re-emergence of primitive reflexes
  • restrictive or exhausting habits
  • emotional injuries
  • lack of attention
  • physical injuries
  • mental stress

Excessive, over energised characteristics of imbalanced states include

  • body well toned to the point of tension
  • worry about every point excessively
  • compulsive behaviour
  • overly organised
  • overly compensating behaviour

Deficient, under energised characteristics of imbalanced states include

  • under-toned body state
  • withdrawn
  • vague
  • unreliable
  • overly changeable
  • avoidance

Balance states, can be described as living and feeling

  • at peace with self and others
  • emotionally non-reactive
  • emotionally responsive
  • healthy in body structure and function
  • in harmony with environment
  • self responsible

Soul Bodywork energy in motion, utilises specialised Neuroenergetic Kinesiology formatting protocols to surface and balance root causes of underlying stress and dis-ease. Through muscle monitoring, the clients’ innate subconscious and unconscious neuro-emotional pathways are tapped into, accessing bio feedback from corresponding nerves, organs, and brain activity. Our Kinesiology treatments are conducted fully clothed.

Such Kinesiology, holographic formatting balance protocols, currently available with Soul Bodywork in Brisbane, include

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“Make the unknown, known!” Hugo Tobar

Rachel Madonna. Registered
Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Practitioner