Neuroenergetic Kinesiology

scientific in foundation, spiritual in essence

Brain Energy ~ Holistic Body Movement.
Let your body speak!

Soul Bodywork energy in motion, Brisbane Advanced Neuroenergetic Kinesiology balance sessions, provide modern, cutting edge holographic techniques for holistic healing and balanced health.

  • physiological (body structure and function),
  • pathological (dis-eased state),
  • psychological (mental-emotional state) and
  • spiritual (greater consciousness mind health)

Energetic, hands on medicine, at it’s best!

Some causes of imbalance include

  • childhood traumas
  • cultural conditioning
  • limited belief systems
  • epigenetic environmental/genetic stress
  • non-integration or re-emergence of primitive reflexes
  • restrictive or exhausting habits
  • emotional injuries
  • lack of attention
  • physical injuries
  • mental stress

Excessive, over energised characteristics of imbalanced states include

  • body well toned to the point of tension
  • worry about every point excessively
  • compulsive behaviour
  • overly organised
  • overly compensating behaviour

Deficient, under energised characteristics of imbalanced states include

  • under-toned body state
  • withdrawn
  • vague
  • unreliable
  • overly changeable
  • avoidance

Balance states, can be described as living and feeling

  • at peace with self and others
  • emotionally non-reactive
  • emotionally responsive
  • healthy in body structure and function
  • in harmony with environment
  • self responsible

Soul Bodywork energy in motion, utilises specialised Neuroenergetic Kinesiology formatting protocols to surface and balance root causes of underlying stress and dis-ease. Through muscle monitoring, the clients’ innate subconscious and unconscious neuro-emotional pathways are tapped into, accessing bio feedback from corresponding nerves, organs, and brain activity.

Such Kinesiology, holographic formatting balance protocols, currently available with Soul Bodywork in Brisbane, include

    • Comprehensive Body Structure Integration
    • Primitive Reflexes of the Brainstem
    • Brain Formatting Integration of the Cortex, Limbic, Brainstem & Spinal Cord
    • Comprehensive Neuroemotional Pathways and Body Structure Stress Storage/Expression of the PAG (periaqueductal gray) outputs
    • Hormones and their Receptors
    • Nutritional and Biochemical Pathways
    • Immune and Vaccination Pathways
    • Vaccine Stress (including Astra Zeneca, Pfizer & Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Sputnik)
    • SARS-2 COVID-19 Corona Virus Disease 19
    • Comprehensive Chakra (Major, Minor, Celestial) Systems and Physiology
    • Comprehensive Physiological (healthy state) and Pathological (dis-eased state) Pathways of
      • Central Nervous System
      • Peripheral Nervous System
      • Endocrine System
      • Respiratory System
      • Circulatory System
      • Integumentary System
      • Skeletal System
      • Eye Visual
      • Reproductive System
      • Hemolymphiod Immune System
      • Immune System
    • Burnout Pathways
    • Leaky Gut
    • Histamine Intolerance

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“Make the unknown, known!” Hugo Tobar

Rachel Madonna. Registered
Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Practitioner