Massage Therapy

receive – surrender – release

Soul Bodywork energy in motion signature Massage Therapy deluxe for rejuvenation.

  • physical
  • mental and
  • spiritual (greater consciousness mind health)

What would Life be like without touch!

Soul Bodywork energy in motion, signature Massage Therapy Brisbane. Based upon flowing release Swedish Massage techniques and neural-myofascial bodywork, at it’s best.

Incorporating hands on

  • myofascial release methods
  • neural nervous system release methods
  • subtle energetic meridian pathways for optimal qi and blood flow
  • Infused Sacred Touch Reiki Healing bodywork
  • Infused Neuroenergetic Kinesiology techniques
  • Soul Bodywork energy in motion signature and uniquely intuitive healing facilitation

Light – Medium -Deep Touch utilised, dependant upon client’ desired goals and Central/Peripheral Nervous System Stress Levels.

Selective premium, organic grade essential oils used for pure indulgence and therapeutic mind-body-spirit care.

Rachel Madonna offers her niché Massage Therapy Bodywork, unlike any other!

“I create a sacred energetic space to facilitate your healing.  Breathe and let go!”

Rachel Madonna.
Registered Massage Therapist