raChi Massage

breathe – surrender – release

Soul Bodywork energy in motion signature Massage Therapy deluxe, for rejuvenation from

  • physical tension and load
  • mental – emotional fatigue
  • environmental chatter and noise

What would Life be like without touch!

Soul Bodywork energy in motion, signature Massage Therapy Brisbane. Treatments are flowing and opening, releasing tension and creating space for movement and freedom. Rachel Madonna’s Premium Bodywork infuses Swedish Massage techniques together with neural-myofascial structural integration. 1000 year wise subtle CHI meridian energies of Eastern Chinese Medicine are activated to enhance dynamics and healing. PRANIC vital forces of Vedic Indian Philosophies stimulate your vortex Chakra Bodies for whole integration. Intuitive Master Light Frequency Channeling feeds into your treatment if called upon together with the Reiki Ray of Spirit Consciousness holding You in Sacred Time and Space.

Feel the heaviness lift. Breathe in your Greater Self Well-Being.

Incorporating hands on rachel madonna method, including

  • myofascial structural integration release
  • swedish massage flow and stretch
  • neural nervous system release
  • subtle energetic chi meridian pathways
  • optimal lymphatic blood flow
  • pranic vital chakra forces
  • intuitive master light channeling
  • resonate sound frequency integration

Light – Medium – Deep Touch. Offering Individualised Treatments. Honouring Client Desired Goals. Relieving Nervous System Stress Levels.

Your Body is your Temple. We use selective premium, organic grade essential oils, now with hot towels, for pure indulgence, skin nourishment and therapeutic mind-body-spirit care. Our Massage services are generally conducted skin-on-skin for full effect.

Rachel Madonna delights in journeying with her clients, through energetic signature Bodywork. Her energetic artistry re-balances your Being

  • as a musician creates musical chords for harmonic frequency
  • as a dancer partners in free-style, flowing choreographically for movement
  • as a painter creates design upon their canvas for structural energy

A treat, like no other!

Your Body has a story. Are you ready to listen?

Allow me to roll up my sleeves and may the Bodywork release begin

“I create a sacred energetic space to facilitate your healing.  Breathe and let go!”

Rachel Madonna.
Registered MAA Massage Therapist

Certified St John Ambulance Australia CPR – First Aid – Basic Life Support

Registered Positive Notice Blue Card Working With Children

Registered NDIS Worker Screening