Bodywork Life Enhancement

Within our urban studio-clinic sacred space, Soul Bodywork provides you energy_in_motion Life Enhancing Therapies through movement with healing touch.  Offering IN PERSON and LIVE ONLINE DISTANCE energy exchange treatments,  Rachel Madonna facilitates your rejuvenation, longevity, vitality and well being. Bodywork Medicine emphasising Natural Solutions, Rachel Madonna offers you the best possible outcome with what you’ve already got. Remember, nothing’s wrong with you and nothing needs “fixing”. You’ve got the fullest potential and happiness already within.

Unleash your authentic power and innate self healing capacity!

Our non-invasive modalities and measurable treatment protocols, are lovingly utilised to identify and relieve long and short term stress factors triggering underlying possible symptoms, such as but not limited to

  • Pain
  • Grief
  • Tension
  • Anger
  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Lethargy
  • Emotional trauma
  • Systematic body dysfunction and dis-ease.

Our chosen and trusted modalities range from functional movement medicine repertoire, infusing hands on premium massage therapy techniques, to the revolutionary neural-energetic medicine Balances of Advanced Kinesiology.

Uniquely individualised, each session is designed specifically to your whole person, reflecting your well-being profile and desired outcome goals.

Within our sacred studio-clinic space of natural health and healing, you will reap 1:1 HANDS ON balanced benefits through


  • PREMIUM MASSAGE THERAPY – breathe – surrender – release
  • USUI SACRED TOUCH REIKI – universal life force energy healing
  • raCHI PILATES – connect – align – be
  • NEAR INFRA RED LIGHT – photobiomodulation recovery and energy repair at deep cellular levels


Energetic Medicine is not dependant on Time and Space



We also offer you energetic balance benefits through Powerfully Personalised LIVE ONLINE TREATMENT CONSULTS with


  • ADVANCED NEUROENERGETIC KINESIOLOGY – your body knows, are you listening
  • USUI SACRED TOUCH REIKI – universal life force energy healing
  • raCHI PILATES – connect – align – be


You will never miss out. Here for you, wherever you roam.