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Soul Bodywork_energyinmotion and treating team (Rachel Madonna Waters), honours providing high quality and professional natural health services to you, our client. Our policy highlights our commitment to you, your privacy, and how we manage your personal information. Your trust is our greatest compliment.

The APPs (Australian Privacy Principles) contained within The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act)  are reflected and adapted within our privacy policy. We highlight how and why we manage and store your personal information, related to your individual self identification.

Our policy also reflects the guide to Australian Health Privacy 


We collect personal health information about you, our client, in order to gain a deeper understanding and perspective of your stress situation. This stress situation can include past, present and future concerns. We collect this information in the form of a client health and well-being declaration. This declaration comes in formats including fillable pdf and/or hard copy printed paper for completing via hand writing. Both forms require your signature, be it electronic or hand written. We document notes pertaining to your health stress concerns. Session/consult procedures and outcomes are written or typed electronically. This information is stored either electronically or manually within your client file folder and/or online personal profile. All health/well-being-stress information collected is for reference relative to your session/consult with us. Clients have the option to provide further health information relative to their personal self, in the means of x-rays, specialist reports or medical diagnosis. 


We accept online payments through Stripe. Please see the Stripe Privacy Policy for more details. We accept payments through Square. Please see the Square Privacy Policy for more details. We accept payments through Afterpay When processing payments, some of your data will be passed to AfterPay, including information required to process or support the payment, such as the purchase total and billing information.

Please see the Afterpay Privacy Policy for more details.

Protection And Security Of Personal Information

We protect your stored personal information. It is not intended to be made publicly available. We avoid individual compromise or loss of integrity, as well as misuse, interference, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We use means of securing storage including locked filing cabinet, ICT security across server, website, email, software and studio-clinic security. We run our electronic clinic services via DuckDuckGo Server. Consumer privacy policy concerning DuckDuckGo. Our online bookings system uses Timely (until and including 2.1.23). Consumer privacy policy concerning Timely. From 3.11.23, our online bookings system uses Acuity:Scheduling. Consumer privacy policy concerning Acuity:Scheduling. Our online Telehealth live sessions use Microsoft Teams or Skype. Consumer privacy policy concerning Microsoft Teams. We regularly update our online applications. Consumer privacy policy concerning Skype.


We gain consent from you our client, either verbally or written. You the client, have the right to feel adequately informed prior giving consent. Consent is requested at time of booking an appointment (acknowledging you agree to booking your appointment), disclosing health and well-being information relative to and during your session/consult specific procedures. Consent is furthermore required from you our client, if requesting sharing of information with another health service provider or individual. You have the right to confirm or withdraw your consent during procedures in session/consult at any time you so see fit. Client consent relates furthermore to permission sought for any requested photo/video recordings. On occasion, we seek client positive and progressing profile cases pertaining to our services and shared via Soul Bodywork’s social media platforms including telegram, Facebook and instagram


We (the treating team) do not disclose, share or make accessible your identified, private, sensitive health information to any other unintended recipient, outside our Soul Bodywork services. This includes Australia wide and overseas. Members of the treating team to date, involve solely Rachel Madonna Waters, director and registered practitioner. If required or authorised by law or a court/tribunal order to disclose personal information, Soul Bodywork can decide whether to do so or not – the legal authority exists, but Soul Bodywork has discretion as to whether to handle information in that way. Examples include mandatory reporting of child abuse (under care and protection laws) and mandatory notification of certain communicable diseases (under public health laws).

Health Service And Health Service Providers

Our professional services are provided to assess, maintain, manage or improve your individual natural health. We do not diagnose. We facilitate and asses your level of stress physically, mentally, biochemically and energetically. We use procedures relative to your assessed level of stress for highest personalised outcome. Our natural health services are covered under allied health professionals, complementary medicine practitioners, non-governmental health service sectors, gyms and Telehealth. 

Health Information

Includes sensitive information or opinion about your health (physical, mental/emotional, spiritual), injury or disability (at any time). It includes your expressed wishes regarding future provision of health services. It includes the health service provided or to be provided. It includes other personal information collected to provide or to be provided to you as client, such as name, address, service dates, billing information (i.e. credit card storage and usage) and appointment details. It includes, other sensitive information such as date of birth, age, gender, race, sexuality or religion for purpose of providing the health service. It includes notes taken regarding symptoms, signs and given or intended treatment. It includes specialist results and reports. It includes prescription or other pharmaceutical drug medicines in use or prescribed to client by medical professional. It includes records or notes from other professional therapists/practitioners pertaining to client. 

Responsible Person

Where a client is a child, or lacks physical and/or mental capacity, information can be collected from or disclosed to a responsible person. This person can include a parent, a guardian, a sibling at least 18 years of age, a spouse or de facto partner of client, a client’s relative at least 18 years old and part of the household, a person exercising an enduring power of attorney granted by the client, a person nominated by the client as emergency contact. Responsible person includes step relationships, in laws, adopted relationships, foster relationships, and half brothers and sisters. 

Serious Threat

The services of Soul Bodywork, pose as low threat risk. If in the event of preventing the risk of spreading communicable disease, our face-to-face services automatically convert to Telehealth online live or phone live energy medicine protocols. DESCRIPTION OF THE TERM THREAT: Poses as a significant danger to an individual or individuals. In deciding whether a threat is serious, we consider the likelihood of it occurring and the severity of the resulting harm should it eventuate. A potentially harmful threat, likely to occur, but at an uncertain time, may be serious. A regular threat that may have dire consequences, but is highly unlikely to occur, is not a serious threat. Examples of serious threat include potentially life threatening situations or one that might result in serious injury or illness. The serious threat may be to the life, health or safety of an individual and is not limited to the person seeking treatment or care.


Client health and private/sensitive information is used for accessing and reading/reviewing a client’s health history and file. It includes searching client electronic records. It includes planning a treatment decision based on client health and well-being information and declaration


Any research conducted, relative to Soul Bodywork’s ongoing continued education updates, take all steps necessary to de-identify private/sensitive information of any individual health case, prior disclosure to relating education institutions. 

Policy Updates

Soul Bodywork policy updates may occur from time to time. In such cases, all active clients will be informed and given opportunity to review for further consent. Changes will be made visible and clear. 

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