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6 Dyer Street
Chapel Hill, Brisbane Queensland 4069

0450 720904


Tuesday – Friday 09:00 – 17:30 AEST [pre-bookings essential]

Saturday AEST [special requests may be considered with full pre-payment over phone to secure]

Please allow the possibility of 24 – 48 hours for response to enquiries via email, text or voicemail, regarding our services.


Rachel Madonna is actively providing Self Managed P2P NDIS client support, enabling eligible persons with COMMUNITY, SOCIAL AND RECREATIONAL funding, access to our services. If you or your loved one would like to fully benefit Soul Bodywork’s therapeutic services, please

  1. contact us
  2. we’ll arrange a suitable time to chat through your special circumstance
  3. you and/or your support person, follow up with P2P NDIS, indicating your wishes/interest to partake in our services, accessing your Self Managed Participant Plan.
  4. P2P NDIS will provide you a unique code for Soul Bodywork to commence sessions with you.
  5. we get you booked in to start your Soul Bodywork support journey, as much or as little you so desire. You are in the drivers seat of your Life.

We look forward to making your Life easier.


Please follow us via social media links below for ALL LIVE UPDATED NEWS, EVENTS and PROMO CODES. We’re very friendly, sociable and chatty….join the Soul Bodywork family tribe love.

Please Be In Contact Via Email Or Phone

Honouring your Soul Journey,  Soul Bodywork life enhancement services await you.

In Light, Rachel Madonna