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energy in motion

An all-rounder on many levels. Rachel Madonna uniquely adds an earthy lightness of character, agility of being and wealth of experienced knowledge into her evolved 17th year niche personal therapies, as Holistic Energy Medicine Bodywork Practitioner.

Beyond her 15 years live theatre “under the spotlight” career, to the very welcomed evolution and grounding of Soul Bodywork Stress Management practice, Rachel Madonna lives to honour her authentic soul purpose, benefiting You along your Sacred Spirit-Mind-Body Awakening and Healing Journey.

“With Reverence, I Am Honoured To Offer Our Sacred And Nurturing Space, To Facilitate Your Innate Self Healing Journey, Through Energy In Motion, Body Stress Management Treatments.  For The Highest Good And Grace Of Humanity, I Am Humbled to Value You.”

Aham Prema

Rachel Madonna’s Authentic Approach:

What appropriately describes Rachel Madonna’s soul, 47th year in earth body, is her trusting, light-hearted, youthful, energetic, grounded, genuine, knowledge thirsty, humble and authentic approach.

“I’ve always been a very agile and “physically”-orientated Being. Life career on the stage in Europe commencing 1996, and back on Aussie soil in Brisbane 2019, enabled me to “live” a character. Entertaining stories to enthused world audiences, One described my once-upon-a-time approach as athletic in Body, characterful in Voice, youthful in Spirit and abundant in Energy. Fast forward 2021, One experiences my Awakened Being as Earthed, Organic and Motherly, offering Spirit-Body Healing, Master Light Language Channelling, and Divine Chi driven Essence and Power within the Mothership of Bodywork Stress Management Practice.

 Comfort within One’s Own Skin and Mental Mind, is the Greatest Gift to Self”

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology

The pinnacle of Rachel Madonna’s current 17th year as Holistic Health Practitioner journey is with NK!

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology: scientific in foundation ~ spiritual in essence.

The shedding of accumulated lifelong Stressors, layer by layer, offers personalised holistic health and harmony. Not only is the regular receiving of NK Reiki infused treatment protocols vital to Rachel’s personal mind-body-spirit longevity and balanced energetic manner, but imperative, to facilitate her “healing hands” energy in motion for clients.

Lessons from Palliative Care

Rachel tells of her gifted ‘acquired time’ in helping aid her own mother’s palliative care, post ‘medically predicted expiry date’.

Senior In-home high care presents a unique package, within a world of its own. The hands-on experiences have opened my heart in questioning further, ‘what is the ultimate soul purpose of our granted Lives’ on Earth?’

Are the majority of us ‘living’ to one day come to our end with debilitating, emotionally wrenching and life ceasing organ, gland and nervous system failure?

How can we educate ourselves early enough, to enable enriched, personally empowering raw-fierce-grace longevity, hand in hand with optimal health well-being?

Our seniors are our Wise Souls. Where does our self-responsibility start, and where does it end?

In the power of Now, given positively supportive physical-emotional-spiritual environment, it’s never too late to regenerate a single, living human cell; giving us the best possible outcome with what we’ve got!

The choice is always within our own Power. Our Life is ultimately in our own hands.

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Lessons from Motherhood

What makes Rachel’s delightful essence whole is her motherly approach. Whilst incorporating personalised practice in mindful meditation and pranayama, asanas, taiko drumming, cycling, swimming, walk-jogging, pilates-stretch, dancing and vocals into her very productive schedule, she delights in her contribution to the creation and upbringing of her two children.

“They are my greatest teachers!” she says.

“Admittedly though”, Rachel adds, “it’s the toughest ‘unpaid’ gig: motherhood! You can’t just throw it in the corner and say, ‘uppf, I’ll attend to that later when I’m not exhausted!”

Ha ha.

“Bye bye, ‘what-about-me’ solo act!” she knowingly chuckles.

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Beyond Five Senses

The integration of Rachel Madonna’s awakened “Beyond Five Senses” abilities, simply makes her SOUL BODYWORK energy in motion packaged deal, all the more juicy and life-enhancing powerful.

Are YOU ready,

to reap, receive and transform?