I Am In Competition With No one .. I Have No Desire To Play The Game Of Being Better Than Anyone .. I Am Simply Trying To Be Better Than The Person I Was Yesterday

energy in motion

Rachel Madonna Waters

An all-rounder on many levels. Rachel Madonna uniquely adds an earthy lightness of character, agility of being and unpretentious wealth of experienced knowledge into her evolved 19th year niche personal therapies, as Holistic Energy Medicine Bodywork Practitioner.

Beyond her 15 years live theatre “under the spotlight” stage career, to the very welcomed evolution and grounding of Soul Bodywork Stress Management practice, Rachel Madonna lives to honour her authentic soul purpose, benefiting You along your Sacred Spirit-Mind-Body Awakening and Healing Journey.

“The Flow Of Holy Spirit – Loving Dove – Radiates Her Light From The Wholeness Of Being. Healing through Calm, Peace, Love Presence. In Honour And Respect Of Self And All. Creating Comfort, Warmth, Security. Enhancing The Strongest Form Of Protection.” 

Aham Prema

Rachel Madonna’s Authentic Approach

What appropriately describes Rachel Madonna’s soul, 49th year in earth body, is her trusting, light-hearted, youthful, energetic, grounded, genuine, knowledge thirsty, humble and authentic approach.

“I’ve always been a very agile and “physically”-orientated Being. My Musical and Modern Dance Professional career on the stage in Europe commencing 1996, and back on Aussie soil in QPAC Brisbane 2019, enabled me to “live” a character. Entertaining stories through the Art of Dance, Vocals and Acting to enthused world audiences, described my once-upon-a-time approach: athletic in Body, characterful in Voice, youthful in Spirit and abundant in Energy. Fast forward 2023, One experiences my Awakening Being as Earthed, Organic and Motherly, offering Soul Bodywork Healing, Master Light Language Channelling and Sound Frequencies, infused with Divine Chi driven Essence Power aboard the Mothership of Stress Management Practice.

 Comfort within One’s Own Skin and Mental Mind, is the Greatest Gift to Self”

Advanced Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Practitioner

Scientific In Foundation ~ Spiritual In Essence

The shedding of accumulated lifelong Stressors, layer by layer, offers personalised holistic health, happiness and harmony. Not only is the regular receiving of Energetic Treatments vital to Rachel’s personal mind-body-spirit longevity, anti-aging natural health and balanced manner, but imperative in facilitating her “healing hands” energy in motion for enthused clients, embarking upon their transformative, loving, sacred journey.

Energy medicine utilising Government Nationally Recognised and Modern World Leading Comprehensive Systems, Neuroenergetic Kinesiology is Optimal Choice and Pathway to Authentic Self, Wellness, Balance and Empowered Freedom.

We PRIORITISE your main “issue” at hand

We IDENTIFY your underlying “stressors” triggering your “issue”, through central nervous system – biofeedback – muscle monitoring methods

We BALANCE your stressed state lovingly utilising skills, tools knowledge and energy medicine protocols

We IGNITE  your chi and panic energetic bodies to align and calm the “chaos”

We ESTABLISH goals for moving through and beyond your given imbalance

My experiences with Anti-Ageing and Preventative Medicine

This exciting post is in the making.

Stay tuned…or just chat with me in your consult session booking.

Where Am I Now …..

Through all the trusted modalities I have trained – experienced – received – practiced, Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, Pranayama [breathing] and Meditation through stillness, as well as Chi infused Movement Medicine have been the most rewarding, healing and transformational. Not to overlook however, my love for Nature Connect whilst “wogging” walk-jogging [sometimes sprint intervals] along Mt Cooth-Tha trails, followed by raChi Pilates stretch-strengthen infusion, and lap swimming for personal stress management. I enjoy the freedom of cycling across Brisbane when abled. I’ve just started rock climbing with awesome mothers, and occasionally, I’ll get myself to a ballet class to reconnect my lifelong dancer Soul.

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Beyond Five Senses

The integration of Rachel Madonna’s awakened “Beyond Five Senses” abilities, simply makes her SOUL BODYWORK energy in motion packaged deal, all the more juicy and life-enhancing powerful.

 Reap Receive Transform