Bodywork Stress Management

Signature Therapies
body and beyond

Open Heart – Open Mind…Anything Is Possible! Rachel Madonna, Your Registered Wellness Health Practitioner of Soul Bodywork_energyinmotion, provides You Transformative Sacred Space for Healing, Rejuvenation and Personalised Care. Our Private Professional Home Residency Studio-Clinic is quietly located in Chapel Hill Queensland Australia; surrounded by Scented Nature and Colourful, Inquisitive Wildlife.

Our Client Guests Reap Benefit of Transformative Energy in Motion, through Powerful Hands On Healing Bodywork and Energetic Movement Medicine Methods, for Optimised Holistic Health Well-Being.

Freedom through Movement

  • In Person or
  • Energetically Live Online Distance Treatments.

Honouring Your Journey, Body and Beyond.


Soul Bodywork, energy in motion signature therapies infuse


  • Neuroenergetic Kinesiology
  • Usui Sacred Touch Reiki
  • Massage Therapy
  • Pilates Therapy
  • Stretch Therapy
  • Meditation Movement
  • Light Language Journey
  • Sound Frequency Healing

Soul Bodywork, energy in motion signature therapies ignite


  • Youthful Happy Self
  • Innate Healing Ability
  • Agile Flexible Mind and Body
  • Empowered Self Accountability
  • Pranic Chi Nutritive Life Force Energy
  • Responsive Calm State of Non-Reactivity
  • Peaceful Mind, Pain-free Body
  • Authentic Soul Purpose

One person at a time… your Life is in your hands!

“Wherever there is laughter, there is light and love!” – Hugo Tobar